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Hey I'm Rey! The Personal Growth Athlete

My name is Reyanna Lambie, but everyone calls me Rey!I grew up just outside of Toronto, Canada as a multi-sport athlete, mainly as a competitive hockey player.Being an athlete has always been the core of my identity.It gave me the grit to land my first job in strategy consulting.The resiliency to recover from being hospitalized with mono.The courage to solo travel around Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.And the determination to start my dream solopreneur business in personal development - Rey Lambie Growth Ventures.My athletic career was my introduction to personal development.Being an athlete taught me how to:1. Work towards clear goals
2. Bounce back from setbacks
3. Show up consistently
4. Stay focused under pressure
5. Prioritize physical and mental health
Today, I apply these principles to my personal life and business.With this growth mindset, I'm committed to becoming my best self on and off the ice.Now, as a personal growth advocate, I'm on a mission to empower ambitious professionals and founders to level up so they can live their best lives.I help self-starters unlock their full potential by sharing my journey, my lessons learned, and providing actional advice to learn, grow, and thrive.

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Prioritize your well-being without sacrificing your goals

I used to believe burnout was simply the cost of ambition, but I was wrong.Your health is not the price of success.Trust me, I've been where you are - run down, defeated, and burnt out.Then I found a system to recharge and get back to my best self.That's why I created a guide to challenge hustle culture and give back to hardworking, ambitious professionals like you.The Burnout Recovery Kit is your simple step-by-step guide to bouncing back from burnout.1. Learn why you are constantly stressed, exhausted, and unfocused2. Discover actionable tips for recovery, backed by expert insights and advice3. Escape the cycle and restore your health, happiness, and fulfillmentDownload the Burnout Recovery Kit today for free (in exchange for your email) and take the first step to a healthier, happier you.

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