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Hey I'm Rey! The Personal Growth Athlete

My name is Reyanna Lambie, but everyone calls me Rey!I grew up just outside of Toronto, Canada as a multi-sport athlete, mainly as a competitive hockey player.Being an athlete has always been the core of my identity.It gave me the grit to land my first job in management consulting.The resiliency to recover from being hospitalized with mono.And the courage to solo travel around Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.All my personal and professional experiences are grounded in my athletic identity.My athletic career was my introduction to personal development.I learned that thinking like an athlete translates to both personal and professional growth.Think like an athlete means:1. Working towards clear goals
2. Bouncing back from setbacks
3. Showing up consistently
4. Staying focused under pressure
5. Prioritizing physical and mental health
This mindset inspired me to commit to becoming my best self on and off the ice.Now, as a personal growth advocate, I'm on a mission to empower young professionals to think like an athlete so they can live their best lives.

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